Make a gift to Hope Valley Uniting Church

Giving  is   at   the   heart   of   God.

God   spoke   to   the   world   when   he   gave   the   most    precious   of   treasures   when   he   sent   the   world   the   gift   of   His   son.     God   speaks   when   it    comes   to   giving.     God   wants   any   gift   we   give   to   be   a   blessing   just   as   Christ   is   a    blessing   to   us   and   so   invite   God   to   speak   to   you   about   being   a   blessing.

This month we launch our giving campaign to be a debt free Church with the dream to complete our church facility and release resource into mission and moving forward.  If you would like to download our giving campaign treasure in jars of clay brochure please see below:

FINAL treasure in jars of clay – gift day 2017

Ever wondered how to know how much to give?
Here are a few thoughts to get you hearing the voice of God.    Treasure in Jars of Clay

To make a gift payment you may EFT by transferring funds from your account into the Hope Valley Fund.

Hope Valley Parish Fund
Credit Union SA
BSB 805-007
Acc. No. 00704451

God Bless.