6 reasons why I need to keep my sense of adventure alive! 

Pastor Kynan Brookes  •  July 12, 2017

I was never a crazy risk taker like the Red Bull Youtubers or so extreme as to travel in politically unsafe countries but I had always loved pushing myself a bit, stretching the edges of my comfort zone, planning enough to be spontaneous and be willing to explore and try new things.  I’ve tried bungy jumping and skydiving but both activities only once.  They were on the bucket list and now they are not! But I have snowboarded in the mountains of California, experienced a city rioting in Vancouver, island hopped with my brother from West Timor all the way back to Bali and surfed (body-boarded) big cold water waves at surf spot called Tarantulas all when I saw myself as young.

It all started to draw to a halt as I picked up my career and the responsibilities started to pile up.  My sense of adventure got lost in there somewhere between the young family, the study, the responsibilities of work, the home renovation and the false thinking that as you got older nursing a sense of adventure was for former days.

Five years ago I distinctly remember filling out my spiritual and practical goals at the beginning of the year, I realised that my soul was craving to rediscover something that had made it feel alive – a sense of adventure.  This sense had got lost in the ether of a full to overflowing life and my spirit was dry.  I started to reflect on the men in the Bible that over time I had come to know through my calling as a pastor.  What I read shouldn’t have surprised me but reinforced something my spirit was trying to tell me.  The way that most men lived out their life – it was certainly an adventure.  There was risk, travel, challenge, community, aloneness and spontaneity and all this wrapped up in a faith that believed in an all powerful God who was with them.

So I started the journey to rediscovering my sense of adventure.  It started small: night hikes using head torches through Ansteys Hill, taking my body-board out of its cover and getting it wet again down on the South Coast, going halves in a boat with Dad and exploring new fishing grounds.  It felt good and it felt right!   So I let it grow!  Before long we as a family were free camping around Australia, tackling waves overseas, fishing offshore snapper grounds, travelling into developing countries with a purpose and through it all we were introducing our kids to the wonder of adventure.  Just ask one of them about the time we floated down Bitter Springs in the NT…..at night!

My spirit came alive.  I have had a few health challenges in the last few years that have been independent of the adventurous activities but I know that my spirit has been stronger through those tough times because I had nursed the Spirit of adventure that God has given me.

6 ways rediscovering my spirit of adventure has enriched my life

  1. It made me feel like I was more connected to my Creator and that I was living more in the fullness of life. The interesting thing was that it was definitely a feeling, considerably more than just a thinking experience.
  2. It keeps my Spirit young. It is natural to think that having an adventurous spirit is only for the young.  I disagree – with that statement.  It should just look different.  I backpacked around the world when I was 20 now I am in my 40s I free camp with the family in cool spots around Australia.
  3. My mind has creative places to travel to when I get space in my day. It is a welcome respite from the pressures and anxieties every day living throws at you.  Reliving glorious moments, prepping for the next adventure and turning it into a story or a dream with the lads brings a positive vibe.
  4. My kids love it. Dad has not become a boring old man who just lives in the past.  They become characters in the next chapter being written in the story of our lives.  We share adventure stories around the dinner table!
  5. My wife knows it is good for me and this makes it good for her.  Most wives love to see their husbands happy and contented with the glow of having achieved something that felt good.
  6. It has built into my personal confidence. However small, nurturing your own spirit of adventure adds something to your sense of courage, strength and contentment.  You are the only one who evaluates your sense of adventure!