Community Care

Community Care

The mission of the Community Care Team is to ‘ensure that emotional and spiritual care is available for all within the HVUC community’. The team will achieve that mission by building and encouraging deeper connections and relationships within the HVUC community. In particular, the team will be the connection point for those in the HVUC community who aren’t linked with a life group or ministry group.

The Community Care Team wants to encourage and enable all within the Hope Valley UC community to live by our catchphrase.

“loving God by caring for each other”

SERVING OPPORTUNITIES – Building on our core Hope Value of “excellent relationships”, the vision of the HVUC Community Care Team is ‘that HVUC be known as a caring and transforming community in which all are loved, accepted and supported’.

The team seeks to ensure that the worth and dignity of every person in the HVUC community is affirmed, and that no-one is left without the possibility of support.

There are currently various opportunities to serve on the Community Care Team, including caring, connecting, and building relationships with others, as well as helping the team  with administrative duties.

If you have a heart to serve others, and are interested in exploring opportunities to serve on the team please contact Gary Martin (Director – CCT)

latest news

The Community Care Team is investigating the interest in a small group focused around mental health.  There could be various options for this group. For example:

*       A group could meet so that individuals can offer support and accountability to one another.

*       A group could meet for the purpose of exploring practical approaches that are helpful for working through mental health issues.

*       A group could meet from a more formal ‘therapy’ perspective.

A group could initially run for a defined number of weeks, after which a decision could be made whether to continue with the group. A group could be available for people dealing with mental health issues, as well as carers.



  • Rev Mark Boyce, Mental Health Chaplain, looking at practical things you can do when experiencing anxiety, from mild anxiety to panic attacks.  This can be viewed here.

If you would like to express interest in being part of a mental health small group, please contact Gary Martin (Director – CCT)